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My Positions

– Every enterprise should be allowed to fail, including banks;
– No central banks, including the Reserve Bank of Australia;
– No legal tender laws (the issue of money needs competition);
– No fractional reserve banking;
– No compulsory Superannuation system;
– Major steps towards eliminating income taxes;
– Stop handing money and sovereignty to global government/banking cartels such as the United Nations, IMF, World Bank.

– No carbon taxes;
– No Emissions Trading Schemes;
– No mandates, subsidies or green regulations – period.

Foreign Policy:
– No automatic involvement in overseas wars

Scott who?

Welcome to



Welcome to my site.

The primary purpose of this site is to document lots of bits of useful information (or useless information) I have stored away over the last few years. If you find anything of interest on my site, all the better! Please feel free to contribute and provide your own thoughts.

I realised a while ago that documenting and discussing thoughts and ideas with others, I tend to learn things a bit faster and I’m more likely to retain that knowledge, so this site is a diary to some extent as well. For me writing articles often takes a bit of effort at the best of times, but it can be a bit therapeutic as well :-)

This website is probably the third version of my (economic) writings. My economic journey more or less gathered pace in 2003 when I joined a quiet Australian sharemarket forum called, a place I still frequent today. More recently, an economic awaking occurred to me in June 2008, when I realised that the current monetary system in Australia, the US and everywhere else was a giant fraud. I remember the day well, because I instantly knew my context had changed – and these two videos woke me up (Rich Dad; Money as Debt). To document my rejuvenated excitement in economics, I then started a blog on Economics and Monetary Policy.

Not much more to say, other than I hope you find the site of interest. Don’t be afraid to say G’day and register and comment on any article.



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