Six charts indicating that the financial crisis will get much worse

Many of the major Western Government bond yields are making all time lows. Some of these bond yields go back over 300 years. Never before has the entire world been pumping trillions of extra currency all at the same time. This can only end in disaster.

For a longer perspective, this chart shows that bond yields are really getting out of whack, and combined with trillions in money printing, Government’s around the world cannot afford to have high interest rates… but the excessive money printing will eventually catch up…

In the United States, its bond market has not been this low for 223 years. This is amazing when you look at the countless wars, interventions, social programs and other spending the US Government has done over this long period.

In France, never before in over 400 years has the French Government been able to borrow money so cheaply with the current ultra low bond yield.

and in Australia, our housing market increasingly becoming way out of wake, having its contraction further delayed by RBA interest rate manipulation, bank lending practices and Government manipulations.

And there is distinctly a similar pattern with the current Dow Jones movement with what happened in 1928-29…
Dow vs 1929

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