Treating non-voters as criminals… Pay $20 or else

Compulsory Voting in Australia is a complete farce and needs to go.

Hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of people go to polling booths to vote because they do not want to get fined for not going. Many of these simply get their name ticked off and put empty voting slips in the boxes. State coercion to vote clearly does not work. State coercion to simply show up works on some people. If people want to take part in voting in a democracy than that’s their choice.

Check out this notice given to persons who failed to vote at the recent Federal Election (click to enlarge)failure_to_vote

Look at the no holds barred language…

  • “it is a criminal offence to fail to vote with a valid and sufficient reason”
  • “a criminal conviction may be recorded against you”
  • In other words… “the State has control over you, so don’t f*#k with us”

    What a joke. Australia’s compulsory voting system (along with compulsory preferential voting) is a laughing stock of the western world. Where else could an ordinary citizen be treated as a suspected criminal for a small sum for not voting (or choosing not to participate in democracy)?

    One Response to Treating non-voters as criminals… Pay $20 or else

    1. milton says:

      okay good too see CLIVE PALMER stirring the pot with this mob.Mybe we should fine them for not counting votes correctly.AND really how honest are they…….makes ya think…..

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