Taking $8.8bn from taxpayers to cosy up to rich bankers

The new Australian Government announced this week that it has already given the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) a $8.8 billion one-off grant.


The money will be added to a fund used to offset the central bank’s exposure to risky financial assets.

So stealing money from Australians (through taxes) to give to rich central bankers?….

  • Treasurer Joe Hockey joins the previous two Australian Treasurers for sucking up to the global banking aristocracy
  • Wayne Swan – in 2012 provided the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with US$7 billion to a “European bailout package” to apparently “help stabilise” the region.

  • Peter Costello – in 1997 with the RBA, sold 167 tonnes of Australian Government gold holdings, helping push the world gold price down to an 11-year low. Australia now has around 80 tonnes of gold reserves.

    So could it be the international bankers still control Australia?

    Lets also not forget the RBA’s chequered history with its subsidary companies, Note Printing Australia and Securency International – companies charged with paying bribes in foreign countries to get note printing contracts. The full thruth has never come out on this one…..

    It’s time everyone learnt about the biggest scam in history… the looting by the banks (and Governments) will continue unless we wake up to it.

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