ABC shamelessly using our tax dollars to continually spruik globalist green agenda

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) currently receives around $1.2 billion per annum to operate countless TV, radio, online and other media services. When I say countless I mean 54 radio stations, a 24 hour news network, Network Australia (for overseas audiences), ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC4 and of course a constantly updated online ABC website (in competition with Australian newspapers and other online sites).

Over a billion dollars a year in handouts in an era where more and more Australian’s get their news from all over the world through the internet. What would the far left say if $1.2bn was taken from taxpayers backpockets and given to the Murdoch press each year? It’s time to end the subsidies. If ABC has a product people want, then it can stand on its own two feet. The blank cheque must stop.

Now days, day-in day-out the ABC group-think continues to peddle it’s far left-wing propaganda. None worse is the ABC continually linking every localised flooding/bushfire/cyclone/heatwave to “climate change” (used to be called global warming remember?)

The last week the ABC has particularly ramped up the number of stories it dedicated to “climate change”, by attempting to frame the New South Wales bushfires as being “unparralled”, “unprecendant” and a sign of “climate change”.

7:30 (Report), a 7 minute segment claiming:

Scientists say climate change link to bushfires demands action

The Drum on ABC24 also dedicated about 20-30 minutes last night talking to a NSW Uni climate lecturer about the ‘unparalled emergency’ with the current bushfire.

• Nevermind that 11 of 48 major bushfires in NSW between 1926 and 2006 occurred in October or earlier.
• One of the largest bushfires occurred way back before people were concerned about global warming:
The ‘Black Thursday’ fires of 6 February 1851 in Victoria, burnt the largest area (approximately 5 million ha) in European-recorded history and killed more than one million sheep and thousands of cattle as well as taking the lives of 12 people (CFA 2003a; DSE 2003b).
They are considered the largest Australian bushfires in a populous region in recorded history, with approximately 5 million hectares, or a quarter of Victoria, being burnt.


  • UN climate chief Christiana Figueres calls for global action amid NSW bushfires

    The United Nations says the New South Wales bushfires are an example of “the doom and gloom” the world may be facing without vigorous action on climate change.

    7:30 (Report) gets everybodies favourite alarmist… (somehow an expert on Australian bushfires and localised weather events)

  • Former US vice-president and environmentalist Al Gore says there is a proven link between climate change and bushfires.

    All week the Australian public get lectured by the ABC about climate change and bushfires. All 100% bollocks.

    Logic, reason? Other views?

    Why doesn’t the ABC have a balance of opinions from actual bush fire experts or climate sceptics with opposing views like David Evans, who submitted his article to the Age, but was refused at the last minute.

  • Fuel Loads Not Climate Change are Making Bushfires More Severe

    People have been burning off to keep fuel loads low in Australia for thousands of years.

    Current fuel loads are now typically 30 tonnes per hectare in the forests of southeast Australia, compared to maybe 8 tonnes per hectare in the recent and ancient pasts. So fires burn hotter and longer.

    Aparently the ABC spoke to some bushfire experts, like this one, who had a 35 minute interview with 7:30 but they only used 69 words, because he said the bushfires were NOT linked to the bushfires.

    Least there is a few journalists left in Australia prepared to call out all the BS that the ABC peddles:

    The ABC is a national disgrace. Today, the ABC is nothing more than a loudhailer for the Green movement and other Globalists who want to take away our liberties and the sovereignty of nations to decide on their future. It’s time to sell the ABC or cut it (likewise the SBS).

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