Time to take on the green energy myth

Terry McCrann:

The latest effort from its so-called ‘chief climate commissioner’ really takes the cake with his absurd claim that Australia could be powered “almost entirely by renewable energy.”

Oh yeah. Renewable energy now provides about 10 per cent of our electricity. Sounds like we’ve got a running start? We’ve ‘only’ got to expand it tenfold?

Except what people like Flannery never tell you in all the headline flummery, is that the overwhelming majority of that comes from hydro power. And nobody’s building dams any more.

Yes, the body of his report does note that some 65 per cent of that 10 per cent comes from hydro. It’s arguably closer to 80 per cent in non-drought years.

That means barely 2 per cent of our total electricity comes from what the average person would think as ‘renewable’… Wind and solar…

That means even using his optimistic numbers for current wind and solar generation, we would have to increase our installations of wind and solar by at least forty times what they are today to get 100 per cent of our electricity from these two “plentiful” sources….

But that’s to produce today’s power. Flannery’s talking about some decades ahead, when our demands will probably have doubled. So make that a 160-fold increase in windmills…

Solar and wind could even be the cheapest sources of power for retail users by 2030, Flannery trumpeted. As carbon prices rise, he added.

Yes, the greatest half-truth of the climate propagandists. Make real power sources ridiculously, unnecessarily expensive and suddenly wind and solar become “cheap.”

When we look at the energy produced in Australia, we are going through the biggest energy boom in our history – it’s just that we are exporting the once “cheap” competitive advantage our country had – cheap uranium, black coal and gas.

Australia’s energy production by fuel type (total):

Australia’s energy production which is exported (by fuel type):

Australia’s actual energy consumption (by fuel type):

To put this all into perspective… a flow chart showing how much energy Australia exports.

The rest of the world is happy to buy our high quality black coals, uranium and cheap gas… yet we are being flooded with the “green energy” religious left… Many in this camp are anti dam building, anti nuclear, anti coal, anti methane gas, and… many are anti wind towers cause they kill birds…. The hypocrisy.

The renewable madness needs to stop. No mandates. No Government hand outs. No carbon taxes. No false sciences. No globalists agenda. Let the free market once again determine the cheapest source of energy.

– Scott

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