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For a couple of years I have been following American congressman Ron Paul. He isn’t the typical “populist” politician that offers to increase government handouts, to bail out businesses and banks, and to sit back and let central banks run our monetary system. He advocates the complete opposite. No central banks, no money manipulation, reign in the American military empire (non interventionist), and reduce government spending dramatically. He has gained a lot of popularity amongst young voters, whom realise that the endless pockets of government spending leads to an inevitable destiny of bankruptcy.

CPAC 2011

Ron Paul at CPAC

Ron Paul’s son recently became a Senator as well. Quite a good speech.

This is also a good visual on what Ran Paul was referring to in his speech. America’s public debt is out of control. Its currently over $14 trillion.

The US annual deficit is ballooning so quickly out of control, it is already likely well past the point of return (I argue this occured well over a decade ago). America is bankrupt. End story. The earlier they look at changing the monetary system, the sooner the economy will repair itself. Government and the Federal Reserve are the problem, not the solution.

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