Chinese real estate market down 34% since June 2011


A compelling chart by Alan Kohler – the Chinese real estate index down 34% since June 2011. Kohler – “If anything, the slide is accelerating. I seem to remember something like that happening in the United States in 2007″

Fourteen months ago I discussed the Chinese real estate bubble in some depth on my previous blog. This post can be viewed here and part 2 here.

One quote from my article:

James Chanos sums up the current situation rather nicely. James is best known for seeing the problems of Enron and shorting its stock up until its collapse. He recently warned that China’s hyper-stimulated economy is headed for a crash, led by its housing bubble.

Its become very apparent… that China has embraced capitalism to keep the socialist elites entrenched, while more lately in the West we have embraced socialism to keep the capitalist elites entrenched. It’s a little bit of the opposite side of the same coin.

and of course a slow down in China will ultimately affect Australia’s resource boom in a big one (one of the few parts of our economy that has been doing well).

~ Scott

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